Save the Date for DTH Bootcamp 4

The Annual Design Thinking Hawaii Summer Bootcamp is being planned for June 17 to 19 at the Koolau Ballrooms.  This year’s focus is on enhancing organizational capacity and diving deeper into the design thinking process from examinng the problelm to prototyping and testing.  The bootcamp will be on an invitation only basis with interested organizations required to complete and submit an application. To start the application process, go to: Teams of 6 or 8 wlll be required with all members of the team being experienced in design thinking (i.e. having attended a prior Bootcamp or part of an organizational team using design thinking)..  The application deadline will be April 25, 2014 with all payments due by June 6, 2014.  Due to space limitations, we are only admitting 30 teams.

As part of the application, organizations are requested to identify a problem that they wish to examine during the bootcamp with the intention to actively implement the process to address the problem after the Bootcamp.  Design Thinking Hawaii consultants will be available to assist organizations in the identification of problems to address.

Inovi Group, LLC is the secretariat for Design Thinking Hawaii and will be the administrators for the event.  For more information, contact Vincent Kimura at 808-291-2080 or email at


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